Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (v1709) – Citrix Known Issues

Information für Citrixumgebungen zum Herbst Creatorsupdate Windows10 v1709

Am 17.10.2017 wird Microsoft das Herbst Update für Windows 10 veröffentlichen –v1709.

Bisher sind bei Citrix die folgenden Fehler mit dem neuen Herbstrelease aufgetreten.

Known Issues
The following are the known issues: 

Issue 1

Issue Description

  • Citrix VDA for Windows Desktop OS fails to install on Windows 10 v1709 (x64) with error message „Installation of the Citrix Diagnostic Facility failed with error code 1603“

    Problem Cause

  • Changes made with Windows 10 v1709 (x64) are preventing the Citrix CDF driver from installing.


  • There is no solution available at this time. Citrix is working with Microsoft to resolve this issue, currently targeting a fix for the last week of November 2017 via Microsoft Catalogue Update website. This issue is not seen with x86 platform.

Issue 2

Issue Description

  • When a Windows 10 v1511/1607/1703 system with Citrix VDA for Windows Desktop OS is upgraded to Windows 10 v1709, Windows will roll back to previous state of Windows 10.

    Problem Cause

  • While upgrading to Windows 10 v1709, one of the Citrix driver files „CtxMcsWbc“ is preventing write operations that causes the update to roll back.


  • There is no solution available at this time. Citrix is working with Microsoft to resolve this issue, currently targeting fix for Patch Tuesday of November 2017.


  • For x86 systems:
  • Citrix suggests uninstalling the Citrix VDA before attempting to upgrade to Windows 10 v1709. Once the upgrade completes, the Citrix VDA for Windows Desktop OS can be reinstalled.
  • For x64 systems:
  • There is no work around. The installation of Citrix VDA fails on Windows 10 v1709 x64 systems (Refer Issue 1)

Issue 3

Issue Description

  • When user tries to launch a published desktop in full screen mode using Smart card authentication through a NetScaler environment, the PIN prompt is not visible and just the progress indicator is seen. The connection times out and the launching desktop process closes.

    Problem Cause

  • Full screen sessions hide the PIN prompt window. The Windows Security and UAC prompt are updated from Winform to XAML. This causes the PIN prompt window to lose focus and stay in the background.


  • Workaround 1

  • On the Storefront server, edit the default.ica file (C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\store\App_Data\default.ica) to include the value „TopMostonFullScreen=off“ under „WFClient“ section. This makes the PIN prompt appear in the foreground. With this workaround, the end point

    Workaround 2

  • The user can utilize the key combination Alt+Tab to access the PIN prompt.

Issue 4

Issue Description

  • The mouse cursor could appear smaller within a session when using display with high DPI/Resolution with Windows 10 v1709


  • Citrix is working with Microsoft to resolve the issue.


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