XenApp / XenDesktop 7.12 Released

Am 07.12.2016 wurde das neue XenApp / XenDesktop Release 7.12 zum Download bereitgestellt.

Folgende Komponenten wurden aktualisiert:

Produkt Version
XenApp / XenDesktop 7.12
Director 7.12
Citrix Lizenzserver build 17005
Storefront 3.8
Profilemanager 5.6
Citrix Receiver 4.6
Citrix Delivery Agents 7.12
Session Recording 7.12
Provisioningservices 7.11 (re-issued as-is)


Aktuelles Subscriptiondatum / Maintenancedatum berechtigt zum Upgrade: 17.11.2016


Was wurde in diesem Release angepasst und als Features hinzugefügt:

XenApp / XenDesktop

  • Hochverfügbarkeit durch Local Host Cache
    • Der local Host Cache aus XenApp 6.5 ist wieder da.
    • Diese Funktion ersetzt den bisher angewendeten Connection Leasing Service
    • Der Local Host Cache unterstützt jetzt auch wieder die Verbindung von vorhandenen Benutzern und neuen Benutzern auf die Site, trotzdem die Datenbank nicht verfügbar ist.
      lhc-aLHC XenApp 7.12 Prinzip

      LHC XenApp 7.12 – Bei Ausfall der Datenbank

      Connection Leasing oder LHC – Nach Installationsschema

  • TAG Restrictions in Application Groups oder Desktops
    • Bisher konnten Tags genutzt werden um nach speziellen Dingen im Studio zu suchen, oder um Policys auf bestimmte Tags anzuwenden
    • Nun können Tags genutzt werden in Anwendungsgruppen oder Desktops, um Anwendungen oder Desktops auf bestimmten Servern zu starten.
  • Multiple Restart schedules for Maschines in Delivery Groups
    • Endlich ist es soweit: man kann nun in der Delivery Group mehrere Zeitpläne zum Reboot der Server anlegen, der sogenannte
      „Staggered Reboot“


Receiver 4.6

  • Keyboard Layout Synchronization
    • Citrix Receiver for Windows provides dynamic synchronization of the keyboard layout from the client and the VDA in a session. This enables users to switch among preferred keyboard layouts on the client device, providing a consistent user experience when, for example, switching the touch keyboard layout from English to Spanish. When users switch layouts, they briefly see a message while the synchronization is in progress. They can then continue working with the new keyboard layout.
  • HTML 5 Video Redirection
    • HTML5 video redirection for internal web sites provides the best balance between smooth audio and video display and server scalability for HTML5 video content in a virtualized environment. HTML5 video redirection controls and optimizes the way XenApp and XenDesktop servers deliver HTML5 multimedia web content to users. This feature is set on the server end and is disabled by default.
  • New Citrix Receiver for Windows administrative template file
    • A new Citrix Receiver for Windows template file called CitrixBase.admx/CitrixBase.adml has been introduced in this release. This file is typically present in the <Installation Directory>\ICA Client\Configuration directory. Citrix recommends that you use the CitrixBase.admx and CitrixBase.adml files to ensure that the options are correctly organized and displayed within the Group Policy Object Editor.


Profilemanagement 5.6

  • Support for active write back for registry entries
    • Registry entries that are modified on the local computer can be backed up to the user store in the middle of a session, before logoff.


  • User Friendly Connection and Maschine failure descriptions
    • Connection and Machine failures in the Director’s Filters page are supported with detailed descriptions of the possible failure causes and recommended actions
  • Increased historical data availability in Enterprise Edition
    • The data retention period in Director deployments with the XenApp and XenDesktop Enterprise Edition has increased from seven days to one month
  • Automate Director notifications with SNMP Traps
    • Director integrates Citrix Alert notifications with Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), a standard protocol for network management. You can configure a Citrix Alert with an SNMP trap. When the alert is triggered, the corresponding SNMP trap message is forwarded to the configured network listener for further processing.
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